Craig Houk

Indiana Boxing Hall of Fame Founder/CEO

Craig Houk founded the Indiana Boxing Hall of Fame to honor those who have fought in the state of Indiana. The 1st ever Indiana Boxing Hall of Fame took place on Saturday, May 5th of 2018. It was a huge a success with hundreds in attendance. There were 5 inductees in the inaugural class of the Indiana Boxing Hall of Fame.

Craig is a former American Professional Boxer and Founder/CEO of Indiana Boxing Hall of Fame. He was a kid in 6th grade that had a vision to become a professional boxer. He started boxing at age 7. At age 17 instead of college he decided to a chase his dream to become a professional boxer. Upon high school graduation he moved to Florida and joined the Lake Worth Boxing Team in 1983. He was an amateur fighter from 1983-1988 with a record of 34-4. In 1989 he was signed by F@F Berns Boxing as a professional. Craig's goal was to fight in one main event once he signed as a professional. He went onto fight in 24 main events and 14 co-main events. He fought in 25 states and 5 different countries. He had 68 professional wins. Craig's biggest claim to fame was dropping Hector Macho Camacho for only the 2nd time in Hector's career. Click Link Below

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